The Wet Beak

A podcast where Rahil Shaikh (a fresh of the boat Indian) and James Jameasy Cummins (a Brampton waste man) tackle life’s issues while making fun of each other. And your mom.


Episodes Date

This week the bad boys are in full force. Jameasy talks about his recent car problems, Superbowl half-time, obscure sex positions and Rahil says "but yeah..." a bunch of times. Holler. #thewetbeak
February 13, 2020
This week the boys talk about radio schools, great personalities, dom as in the dominant one, and then throw words like "exquisite" at each other. Gang. #thewetbeak
February 5, 2020
This week bad boys talk about the hot fire issues, 'yes and' the living heck out of each other and pour one out for the homies. Real funny episode. #thewetbeak
January 29, 2020
That's right folks, this week the bad boys Rahil and JamEasy talk about pickled penis, pissing in pants and peace. Throw us a like and a emoji. ;-) #thewetbeak
January 22, 2020
This week bad boys Rahil and JamEasy ask each other a lot of hypothetical questions, throw a lot of inspirational quotes around and beak the fudge out. #thewetbeak
January 14, 2020
This week the baddest boyzz of Canadian podosphere Rahil and JamEasy talk about nerves, damage and control. Could not give you a more accurate description. Holler. #thewetbeak
January 8, 2020
Bad boys Rahil and JamEasy talk about their first appearance on an actual radio show, bet on who can loose the most weight by June 2020 and together they re-create an ad only one of them watched. Happ...
January 1, 2020
This week bad boys JamEasy and Rahil give their very uninformed opinion about the China - HongKong situation, talk about foods that make you happy, tickle fights and SEX. #thewetbeak
December 17, 2019
Comedy. Comedy. Comedy. What is comedy?
December 9, 2019
This week the bad boys are Rahil and JamEasy are Joined by Twist a professional dancer. There is a lot Halrem Shaking in this episode. If you know what I mean. #thewetbeak @thewetbeak
December 1, 2019

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